Friday, March 18, 2011

Iggy Vacation Prank

I have just finished helping my sister pull off the cutest office prank. One of her co workers has a stuffed lizard on her desk that she has named Iggy, she added a friend lizard that she did not name. This year when Melissa went on vacation, my sister thought Iggy looked a little bored and wanted to go on vacation himself with his friend. So on the Monday morning of Melissa's return she found a note on her desk from Iggy and friend that they had struck out on a vacation of their own. On Tuesday morning she received a post card from St Louis, Iggy and friend had stopped off for a beer and in the afternoon mail run she received another post card from Mt Rushmore.
On Wednesday morning she received a post card from the Dinosaur Monument in Utah and in the afternoon a post card from Las Vegas.

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