Monday, January 17, 2011

Little ole Cricut Bug

I got my first Cricut in January 2010, it took a little while to get started but now that I have every extra moment ( not a lot of them might I add ) goes to crafting. I hope to someday have my own room, for now I have a corner in my bed room. The cricut head design I got from watching You Tube videos. I Love You Tube!
This is the first time using vinyl. I think I like it too.

Cigar Box, Altered

This is a cigar box I found in my Grandmothers house . I spruced it up a bit.
 This is my first altered project. I removed the label from the top but kept the one inside the box.
 I keep photo paper and cords for the camera in it, the camera never seems to make it in the box.

Grandmothers Trinket Box

Here is a project I did shortly after my Grandmother passed away. She is a beautiful lady and will be missed always. I used a section of her lavender pearls and a picture of her in her thirties for the top.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beginner Blogger

Well, it seems my brand new blog may undergo many changes while I am learning to blog. Still looking for pretties and how to apply them to my blog.

2011 Calendar Box from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon

Well, here is the completed calender box. I think it turned out pretty good. I used the Rustic stack from DCWV. Love it. I used the Tim Holtz rusted metal technique for the swirl on top, a picture can be tucked under it for display. The small tag on the top is the pull to open the easel with, got it from the outside of the grunge paper letter package, already had an eyelet on it. I have only made January and February so far, looks like this may be a year long project. I used stencil material for the days and attached with brads so they can be changed if needed. I really loved making this project. Looking forward to Kathy's new projects for 2011.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Here is my Halloween House, also from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon.

My Gingerbread House, got it from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon.
I got this at Hobby Lobby, painted it and glued on one of my Grandmothers old pins. I love little things from her in my work. Cost: $3.00

Wall Sign

I made this sign from a doller store plaque that was not very attractive to start out.

My first post

I love scrapbooking and creating beautiful projects with paper. I am not lucky enough to come up with the ideas myself but have found a lot of wonderful ladies who are willing to share theirs.